Will you pick my pet up at home or my veterinary clinic?
To ensure a hassle free process, we primarily work with vet clinics. Pick up from your vet clinic is free of charge. Each clinic can explain pricing options and provide you with information on our services. The vet clinic will then contact us for pick up. All cremains are then processed and returned to the vet clinic for you to pick up. This process usually takes 3-5 days. We do offer home pick up services, however, we have limited availability. Please contact or office to schedule appointment. Our staff will pick up your pet at your home and transport to our facility in Sylva,NC. All cremains are processed and returned to your home or prearranged location with in 3-5 days
Can I be present for the cremation?
Unfortunately, this is a service we do not offer at this time.
How long does the cremation process take?
Cremation times vary based on the weight of your pet. Typically, the time period for an average cremation is 2 to 3 hours.
What type of pets can be cremated at our facility?

No pet is too small to be cremated at our facility, however for pets over 200 pounds, please call our office to discuss your specific needs.

How will I know they are my pets ashes?
Some pet owners express concern and find themselves asking “How do I know this is my pets cremains?” Our staff, or your vet clinic will assign your pet a stainless steel tag with ID number. This tag stays with your pet throughout the entire cremation process and will be returned in the urn with your pets cremains. It is important to us for the pet owner to have peace of mind. You can take comfort knowing the tag is inside urn for conformation.
Are there any restrictions for home pick up?
Due to health regulations your pet must be picked up with in 24 hours of passing and must be outside of your home.
What if my veterinary clinic has not yet partnered with Peaceful Paws for their cremation provider?
You may request for Peaceful Paws to pick up your pet at your clinic. Give us a call and we will be glad to arrange a pick up at your vets clinic.